Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ninja Heist

Lets all be honest, free stuff is always 10x better then stuff you pay for. A free hotdog at a baseball game is better then a hotdog you drop 10$ on right? Same goes for pos guns I learned today, when we jacked some Mostly Harmless guns off of a pos they were onlineing.

Earlier today there was a large battle over a moon, I can't quite remember whose pos it was, but all the same there had been a small cap battle with a few carriers dieing and a bunch of battleships getting blown up. At the end of the day the NC was held the field, and decided to give the moon to MH. So MH starts to put up a pos, and one of our cov ops pilots report that there are unanchored guns at the pos.

So me and a friend of mine just put up a pos a few days ago and we were working on logistics to get some guns down here. So this was quite the opportunity as not only would we be solving our gun problem we would be getting free NC guns.

So we got a recon/bomber gang to be escort for the two blockade runners we had online at the moment, we fleeted up and were cov op cyno'ed in by our friendly black ops guys. I alined my prorator and cloaked waiting for the warp in.

The as our fleet warped in we the tower came online and an enemy viator warped in. We were all still safely cloaked up and we began to slow boat to the guns me to the ones on top and my partner to the bottom. Then unfortunately the MH viator began to online a medium beam laser, in the bottom cluster.

We weren't quite sure what to do, did we burn for the guns and try to get away before it came online? Or did we give up and warp home cloaked. The fc made the decision to be aggressive, so 13 stealth bombers uncloaked and burned towards the gun lighting it up. Meanwhile I counted down the meters until I decloaked on the top weapon cluster. Our bombers weren't fast enough and the gun game online, instapoping one who lost his orbital for whatever reason. The viator uncloaked and tried to grab a large railgun but the gun began to target him so he warped off. I managed to grab a large laser and a medium laser before I ran out of space. We all grouped up in a safe and cynoed home happily with two new guns.

Anyhow thanx for reading, wasn't too long this time. Sry its kinda late here so its probably poorly written I'm too tiered to edit.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello my name is Trazis and I have Gambling Problem

Wow, so who here has heard of EOH poker?

Wow so who has ever played EOH poker? Is it just me or is it even more addictive then rl poker? You still have the urge to play for fun and to make more, or make back money, BUT you don't have the issue that if you loose to much you wont be eating dinner. And thats what makes it so addictive the lack of rl consequences.

But does it really have no rl consequences? At first I thought it wouldn't, but then after a winning streak, mavens (the program used by EOH) turned on me.

I was in a 210 tt, there were 4 players left I was second low stack by about 300 chips. I had something like 4500 and the low stack was like 4200 or something, so I wasn't in a bit of trouble, but I wasn't knee deep in it yet. So the big blind came to me and it happened to raise to 2k bb 1k lb so I was pretty deep in. I basically had a maximum of 3 hands left. I got Pocket Rockets, the best I was pretty stoked. Then the flop came and it was A 2,2 so here here I am with half my chips in the pot and a full house on the flop. I go all in, with a full house A's full of 2's I'm almost guaranteed to win.

The other small pot calls me and goes all in himself, and the two players with 10k plus chips sit waiting for us to kill each other off. I'm sitting at my computer with a huge smile on my face cause I'm sure I'm gonna win, I just know it.

We both flip our cards, and he has an Ace and a 2 off suit. My heart does flips I won I won I just made 400m isk. Then the second turn of the card after the flop comes (cant think of the name for it) and its a Queen of diamonds. I was safe so far I was about to open up contracts to search the markets for that pretty little faction frigate I've been wanting the cruor.

AND THEN THE RIVER. MAVEN'S weapon of ultimate destruction. More powerful then a new titan's dd. More soul crushing then an old Titan drive by killing your X-type fit golem playing station games. (happened to a friend of mine) Capable of causing billions in loses for those unlucky few, on the receiving end of it. (seen river cause the loose of a 10b hu).

The river is a 2. Thats right..... a 2. My full house A's full of 2's was beat by quad 2's on the river.

Anyhow I got off topic with my sob story about mavens, the jerk =_=. Anyhow I realized I was now -100m from where I had started the night (won a 105m dt) And that upset me, as now to get my wallet back up over 250m I'd either have to gamble again or rat... Nobody like ratting so I figured mavens had had its fun with me for the night so I entered another 105m dt.

I was wrong. Mavens started me out with trip jacks on the first hand which net me 200 chips, then proceeded to give me one pair for the remainder of the game including hands I sat out. Then finally I was given a break and dealt me pocket 10's (two tens) then the flop dropped 6 7 and 9. Ok I had 1200 chips left I was low stack I needed some money I had high pair and strait draw. I figured I'd go all in an bluff having the straight with high pair to back me up. 3 out of the 5 others called my measly 1200 chip bet. Ok so if I won this I'd be sitting pretty again. The next two cards to come up were a 5 and a 2, all different suits. So I figured o well the odds of someone else having a straight was pretty high but w e, lets see if my pair 10 wins. Everyone's cards turned over and as I read them left to right the first guy had pair 7 ok I was still winning, the second guy had a 10 and a 3 he was hoping for the straight like me, ok still winning until I saw the last guy had pocket Q's. I was gone I'd lost to a higher pocket pair what are the odds.

Now down to 50m I was scared I don't like to have less then 250m in my wallet at any time, but the challenge of ratting 200m back was insanely daunting. Especially living in the arse end of pure blind. (x-7 area). So I made the only decision an addict in my position could make.

I put the last of my isk into a 54 tt game. It went well at first winning a few hands reaching a nice comfy 7k chips with 5 other people left. Then things went down hill in a similar fashion to my previous two games. I sat in my trusty Keres docked up in station looking at my now empty wallet.

Damn this post is getting long thanks for reading up to this point I'ma try to wrap it up quickly from here.

Well now I was broke and did the thing all addicts eventually do I borrowed money.... twice. I borrowed 28m from two of my diff friends... and proceeded to lose it on a 28m hu and a 28m dt. Now not only was I broke I was in debt. Damn you mavens! So finally getting a grip on myself I realized I had a problem, and the only cure was to pump scourge heavy missiles into the gruistas pirates in my nearby ratting system. After a few hours of ratting back the 60m I owed to people I was broke and down/bored.

And while I continued to run anomalies and belt rat I contemplated the effects of EOH. Even tho I wasn't gambling rl money it still effected my life. Here I was not having fun on pvp ops, not flying in a shiny new faction frig. All because I let my thirst for poker get the best of me.

I'm at 32m at the time of writing this post. And the urge to get on eoh and the prospect of doubling my money is soooooo tempting, but looking back at the headache its caused so far and will continue to cause for the duration of my poverty, I'm discouraged away from it. Who knows I'm at a loss right now.

So I'll start things off. Hi my name is Trazis, I fly keres, and I have a gambling problem. If you know anything about being where I am please offer it for the betterment of myself and anyone else in my situation.

Eck that was longer then I intended. Anyhow thanks for reading that much, I've got to work on cutting down on length. Thanks again for reading I love comments please leave some, they're better then cookies.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Fail

Well, I fail basically that sums it up. I have been failing, and I will likely continue to fail.

What am I failing at exactly you might ask? (however unlikely)

Well a great many things, but most of those are not of your concern. The one that does affect you my dear reader is that I fail at posting. I have at least 10 really really super awesome stories I'm just dying to share with you guys and hear your opinions on. But for some reason I just never get them typed up and posted.

I have actually written 3 full posts and not published one of them for what ever reason. It was pretty much ok I wrote this but I want to edit it, so I'll do that tomorrow cause its late. Then tomorrow roles around, then the day after, then the day after. Until eventually my computer crashes or my eve hating cats kick out the power cords again and I lose what I've written.

Anyhow what I'm saying is I'm going to be changing the focus of the blog a bit. I'm keeping the name because I personally like it. (comment if you do too) But as there was a slight change in plans with outline I will no longer be documenting her story. Do to Trazis needing some money her plex cards stopped getting bought and she had to be put on hold. With her remaining time I'm bringing her down to null for some mining maybe she can make enough money before her sub runs out to survive.

But with that said this blog will now consist of my opinion, cause you all care so much about it :p, and stories about Trazis' pvp adventures... obtained by dubious methods.

Anyway thank you for reading this far its shows me that you care enough about a new blogger who failed and is trying to redeem himself, soooooo please leave a comment as it is very encouraging to keep writing for me.