Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Fail

Well, I fail basically that sums it up. I have been failing, and I will likely continue to fail.

What am I failing at exactly you might ask? (however unlikely)

Well a great many things, but most of those are not of your concern. The one that does affect you my dear reader is that I fail at posting. I have at least 10 really really super awesome stories I'm just dying to share with you guys and hear your opinions on. But for some reason I just never get them typed up and posted.

I have actually written 3 full posts and not published one of them for what ever reason. It was pretty much ok I wrote this but I want to edit it, so I'll do that tomorrow cause its late. Then tomorrow roles around, then the day after, then the day after. Until eventually my computer crashes or my eve hating cats kick out the power cords again and I lose what I've written.

Anyhow what I'm saying is I'm going to be changing the focus of the blog a bit. I'm keeping the name because I personally like it. (comment if you do too) But as there was a slight change in plans with outline I will no longer be documenting her story. Do to Trazis needing some money her plex cards stopped getting bought and she had to be put on hold. With her remaining time I'm bringing her down to null for some mining maybe she can make enough money before her sub runs out to survive.

But with that said this blog will now consist of my opinion, cause you all care so much about it :p, and stories about Trazis' pvp adventures... obtained by dubious methods.

Anyway thank you for reading this far its shows me that you care enough about a new blogger who failed and is trying to redeem himself, soooooo please leave a comment as it is very encouraging to keep writing for me.



  1. Just a heads up. Posts about not posting are boring. Just wait till you actually have something to post. I assure you nobody will complain about the lack of non-post-post. This is something I have taken to heart from reading various blogging tips posts. Looking forward to future posts. Cheers!

  2. I totally agree that posts about not posting are boring which is why I'm currently writing a fun post which I will shortly be posting. :)