Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ninja Heist

Lets all be honest, free stuff is always 10x better then stuff you pay for. A free hotdog at a baseball game is better then a hotdog you drop 10$ on right? Same goes for pos guns I learned today, when we jacked some Mostly Harmless guns off of a pos they were onlineing.

Earlier today there was a large battle over a moon, I can't quite remember whose pos it was, but all the same there had been a small cap battle with a few carriers dieing and a bunch of battleships getting blown up. At the end of the day the NC was held the field, and decided to give the moon to MH. So MH starts to put up a pos, and one of our cov ops pilots report that there are unanchored guns at the pos.

So me and a friend of mine just put up a pos a few days ago and we were working on logistics to get some guns down here. So this was quite the opportunity as not only would we be solving our gun problem we would be getting free NC guns.

So we got a recon/bomber gang to be escort for the two blockade runners we had online at the moment, we fleeted up and were cov op cyno'ed in by our friendly black ops guys. I alined my prorator and cloaked waiting for the warp in.

The as our fleet warped in we the tower came online and an enemy viator warped in. We were all still safely cloaked up and we began to slow boat to the guns me to the ones on top and my partner to the bottom. Then unfortunately the MH viator began to online a medium beam laser, in the bottom cluster.

We weren't quite sure what to do, did we burn for the guns and try to get away before it came online? Or did we give up and warp home cloaked. The fc made the decision to be aggressive, so 13 stealth bombers uncloaked and burned towards the gun lighting it up. Meanwhile I counted down the meters until I decloaked on the top weapon cluster. Our bombers weren't fast enough and the gun game online, instapoping one who lost his orbital for whatever reason. The viator uncloaked and tried to grab a large railgun but the gun began to target him so he warped off. I managed to grab a large laser and a medium laser before I ran out of space. We all grouped up in a safe and cynoed home happily with two new guns.

Anyhow thanx for reading, wasn't too long this time. Sry its kinda late here so its probably poorly written I'm too tiered to edit.

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